correct subsurf

i modifioed a mesh to put some nails and having some problem fwhen going from edit mode to object mode see pic

how can it be corrected ?


In your EditMode Screenshot is a tiny triangle on the edge of the nail (right where the problem is) with one edge missing.
Merge the two lower vertices of the triangle to make shure the faces are connected.

see new pic

very strange behavior

do i have to put loop around ?


There is still the very small triangle with the left vertex not connected in your upper pic.


And in this Image there are more problems.
The edges should be where the red lines are.
Delete the bluemarked edge, because this is pointing anywhere downwards and thus producing a nonmanifold mesh.


right above the blue line there is an edge going to the side
and that should not be there
so i remove it and now no more problem

sometimes you simply have to look carfully at the topologie to get it right