Correct Topology for Quadruped Legs?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been at this for a while and I decided to finally ask for some help here.

I am working on a l​ow poly cat character for a Unity game and am having a difficult time finding suitable topology for the legs or knowing if I am on the right track.

How can I achieve good edge flow for the shoulders/hips to prevent any strange deformations?

Here is the stage I am at:

Base Low Poly mesh with no modifiers

With Subsurface modifier

Does this look suitable for a low poly character for animation purposes, like a walk and a run animation for a low poly character?

I feel like there needs to be better edge loops starting from the shoulders but I want to avoid unnecessary topology by making more loop cuts.

Thanks for any advice you can give on improving the leg topology!

Is the game real life or cartoon. If real life you will need to consider the shoulder more, less so if cartoon.
Have a look at some videos of cats walking;[video][/video]

Thanks! This is a low poly game that will be stylized/cartoonish. I am going for a similar style in the Spyro games for PS2.

The " shoulder" on this type of animal ( cats, panther like etc ) is way over the visible “legs” . so you want to consider to attach it way over for have a more natural move ( even with cartoon style ) .