Correct way to do opposite of extrude (pushing faces inward)

Hi, I’m having a hard time moving faces backwards into a model without distorting the surrounding faces.

The result I want is similar to the first picture. If I use an inset or extrude operation, however, I get some hidden faces and some faces on the side that I cannot seem to delete (middle picture).

If I just grab the face and push it inward, it drags the surrounding faces with it (third picture).

The only way I can see to do it is to add loop cuts to the entire object, delete the faces of the top half of the middle cube, then fill in the exposed holes, leaving me with extra faces on the rest of the object that need to be merged again. If I then decide to move it a little more, I have to redo all the steps starting at more loop cuts.

What is the correct way to do this?


What I would do is :

  • Extrude all but the face you want to reverse extrude (E)
  • Right click to cancel move
  • Inverse selection (CTRL+I)
  • Unselect vertices from bottom (C and WheelClick)
  • Move the loop (G+Z vertical, or G+G for any direction)

Here is an example :

See you :slight_smile: ++

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If you only want to push one face, you can use the “push/pull” addon if you are using 2.79

for 2.80

Ah, hadn’t realized it was that complicated. This will work but on a more complex piece of geometry with many more tiles where you’d want to move some up and some down, this would become pretty dizzying. The extrude pull looks promising until you read that it only works in very specific circumstances and apparently still creates hidden geometry?

It feels like doing this is pretty standard stuff that would need to be done on many types of models, (stairs, book cases, buildings, tile floor et al) is there really no well-supported way to do this?

Alas no, I agree, it would be a very useful feature, if I want to move multipe faces, I tend to merge them into 1 face, do the push/pull, then re-split them. A pain, but quicker than cutting geometry and manually building the surrounding areas.

For simple one face you can use push/pull faces in mesh tool.
Shotcut for it and hapy push pull face.

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