Correct way to tweak a rig

Hello everyone,

I’m creating a character for a little video game and after I modeled it I used Rigify to create a rig (I’m no so skilled in generating a good rig so I prefered to use Rigify) the rig generated is ok but I have seen that the arms are very streight so I tried to tweak them using “tweak bones” in pose mode, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to do so. So I was wondering if it’s a correct way to proceed or if I have to regenerate the entire rig

thank’s to everyone in advance

Are you trying to bend the arms to match your mesh? Then yes, you need tweak the metarig, then regenerate the rig (and reweight your model.)

Does the rig match your mesh, but the arms are too straight? Then bend the arms in pose mode. Don’t do anything to the rig.

Thank you very much for your answer

The rule of thumb answer is: you don’t correct your mesh with your rig. You rig only a finalized mesh.