Correcting seams with multiple UV baking- for one or two layers in a PSD file- how?

Hey, I read a while back in one of the blender magazines about a technique that allowed for correcting seams by baking to a different UVunwrap, then baking back.

I’m in a situation right now where I need to use that technique, but for only one or two layers of a PSD file. One of the biggest issues is retaining the transparency of the layer while baking and moving in and out of Blender. Does anybody have any suggestions/help? ^^;;

The way I save baked textures with alpha is to enable the ‘draw image with alpha’ button in the UV image editor before starting the baking process. Then once the image has been baked I make sure the ‘RGBA’ button is set in the scene (F10) panel and then save the baked image from the UV/image editor as a PNG.

I hope that is what you were wanting to achieve. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Yes that’s part of the solution, I’m thinking I need to save the layer as an individual file, bring it into blender, bake with RGBA like you said, and then insert that final image back into the PSD layer stack.

Does anybody know any pro’s or cons vs. using PNG or TGA? I feel using PNG is sometimes easier because I don’t have to create an alpha channel by hand, I’d love some input on this if anybody has any.