correcting texture glitches?


I have to hand in a video version of a famous painting for art history class in 2 weeks.
I decided to do Magritte’s Chateau des Pyrénées, but I have a problem with my texture: it flashes during the video. here’s a clip:

the quality of the video is quite poor, sorry for that. But you can see on the towers of the castle what I’m talking about: flashing black lines all over the towers. Why is that, and how can I fix it? please help me! thanks!

You probably either have messed up normals (press Control N to recalculate them), or double faces (select all (A), then press W>Remove Doubles).

thanks a lot! I’ll try that.

This looks like “Z-fighting”

Try to remove coplanar polygons or increase start clipping plane in camera