Corrective shape key issue

Hi there! I have an issue with adding corrective shape keys to my face rig. When im swithing to sculpt mode, after setting the bone position, some vertices are not moving correctly. Does anyone know why is this can happen?

This might be a bug, it might be an unimplemented feature. I guess I’m not very surprised. Armature means that stuff needs to act in weird, potentially-mixed, potentially per-vertex spaces. (Give a vertex 4 weights, and what pre-armature shapekey is necessary to move it to a particular position for those 4 transformed bones? That’s not a simple problem. Now do it for all your vertices at once while you sculpt them…)

First thing, make sure you’re only using an armature modifier. Sculpt mode doesn’t really handle all modifiers correctly. Second, make sure you don’t have an mirroring options going on, which can make things act weirdly if you forgot about them and they don’t really represent any kind of axis (like if they’re by topo, or if your armature causes your model to lose symmetry.)

If it’s still acting weird, what I’d recommend doing is trying out the corrective shapekeys addon, bundled with Blender. It’s more difficult to use, but it does things in a different way that should make what you’re doing work a little bit better.

Yes, removing some modifiers solved the problem! Thank you a lot!!