Corridor 3

Hey everyone,
I have been working on this project for the past couple of days, nothing really special, just something fun to work on and also to improve my texturing and lighting skills. Hopefully you guys like it, I know that there are some things that I could probably improve on, but again, this was just for fun ;).

So here it is… Corridor 3 (changed the name last second ;))…

Original without post pro…

Programs used: Blender, Indigo, Photoshop…
Link to W.I.P.: Corridor <–Click

love the textures.
nicly detailed.

good work.

fricken amazing… 5 stars dawg, wat is that blue thing in the corner? Post pro makes it look alot better

If you want nitpickyness it seems a corner of the front tile is away from the ground with no real indication of why it’s doing that.

Good relation of light and dark though.

Very nice, otto ris! I like the mood on the pic! Post pro really did the job on this pic!

Thanks everyone for the replies ;)!

Watchthis: Thanks :), the blue thing is the end of a pipe that is sticking out of the wall.

Cyborg Dragon: Thats my fault :o, it is supposed to be a tile that is crooked and therefore resting on its corners above the rest of the tiles, I think there is a screenshot in the w.i.p. that shows what I mean :confused:, I guess I should have made it more convincing…

hello, stars for you. ****
great work.

The photoshopping adds a ton to this image, nice work.

Meta-Androcto & Free_ality- Thanks a lot :cool:!
I’m glad people like this image :).

Thats awsome! nice post pro wrk

Beautiful, in a creepy way. Awesome job :slight_smile:

it reminds me of that texas chainsaw massacre scene where the dude jumps out with a hammer out of the red lit room and kills a dude with a hammer.

The blue thing at the far end of the room takes points away. It’s just too bright for this ugly room, ugly as in beautiful that is.
I’ll hold off the voting.