Hello there. Working on the corridor scene. I will be glad to your advice. Don’t pay attention to the “global” problems of the scene (the ceiling, the lack of materials on the rails on the left), the work is still in progress.

Hi !
Do you have a reference or did your create that from scratch ?
As a early WIP, it is not bad, dimensions and models look good, lighting is quit ok too !

But there are some questions you need to answer : what do you want to tell ? Why ? Where ? Is it a hospital ? A school ? A residence ? That’s why I asked about the reference. You need to answer those question, and some elements will be easier to put up : colors, models, details, composition…
Decide what this scene is about, go for it, and critic will be easier to make for us ^^

Cheers ! Keep it up, it’s promising :slight_smile:

Hey, thanx for your reply. Here the reference (I’m not trying to create it in “one-on-one”, it’s more like an example):

It’s a residence. I want to create a scene that in quality wouldn’t be different from photo (not exactly this photo, but in general). Therefore, I pay more attention to materials and textures.

Proportions are incorrect, the steps on the stairs too high and the stairs itself way too steep

Да крутая она слишком, можно измерить рулеткой, я не шучу))
Плитка хорошо получилась и свет хороший.

I second the steep stairs, you could try sticking a stick figure on them and look at it.

You could try using a sign on the handle that says, “NOTICE”. Something I think would be commonly seen.