Hey everyone,

Just taking a break from the Gallardo, this project is more just for fun, and also to work on mood/texturing, there are not a lot of things happening in the picture but I’m probably going to add more stuff. Let me know what can be improved in ways of texturing and just the scene itself ;).

The light setup is a bit defferent between the Blender version and the Indigo version, but for the most part they’re about the same (except Indigo is a bit brighter :eek:).

Lots of pictures…


WithPost Pro-

Without Post Pro-


With Post Pro-

Without Post Pro-


P.S. (It’s supposed to be dark, but if it is too dark, let me know :yes:!)

scrunches neck into shoulders creepy! :eek:

Good work! :rolleyes:

Eion: Thanks ;).

Quick Update, nothing much really, added a few pipes, an airvent with a fan and some more spikes ;).
Any crits/comments welcome.

Its getting worse! (as in better, more scary looking :D) Good job with mood setting. Do you have any plans for it? Or is it just a corridor

Very interesting, but the shiny floors look funky…In a place as dirty as that, the cement sure wouldnt look that sleek.

Nice lighting(gotta love indigo), and the post-pro looks very nice.

Eion: Ha thanks :D, currently I have nothing worked out for this, I’m probably just going to leave it at this, maybe I’ll do another room later if people like this one…

Free_ality: Thanks :), and yeah the floor is odd ;), I fixed it hopefully in the new render, however it turned out a bit darker/grainier than I wanted, I’ll have to fix that next render…

Small update:

Added bumpmap to the tiles, and added some various objects, I don’t think that I can add too many more objects to this before it starts to look overcrowded , but if people have any scene suggestions I’m all ears ;), and as said before, the next image won’t be as grainy or dark.

I like it. The bump on the closest tiles looks a little strong, but maybe it’s just the graininess.

DUDE! the original in blender looked like it was a camera feed, there was some linear distortion in the textures that made it look like one of those security cameras! THATS SO COOL!
Even if it wasnt on purpose!

in fact even some of the indigo ones have it in the brighter areas.

Looks awesome, maybe something out of Condemed 2

I was thinking Silent Hill, but that’s just me.

Cool, though.

Thats creepy…nice work :slight_smile:

Doublez: Thanks, I fixed the bump map issue in this render hopefully…
LtOBrien: Actually the “lines” are part of the post pro ;), but I picked up the idea of a “security camera” and added it to the post pro also…
Star Weaver: Thanks, but it is actually supposed to be modeled after the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (like in my sig… go figure;))
(google image search “stalker game corridor” and about the 5th one down is just about where I got this whole idea from)
Borgleader: That is what I am going for ;), thanks.

Small Update:
Let it render longer so it is less grainy, and I fixed the bumpmaps on the tiles hopefully, I also added some “security camera” post pro to it, let me know what you think of it, whether I should keep it or not. I also added a person with a “gas mask” hiding behind the doorway, but I think I am going to loose that :P.

Not with gas mask:

With gas mask:

And some more screenshots: