Render I did for the BlenderGuru halloween competition. Inspired by the Shining and Lovecraft

Nice, got that creepy feeling. I however do not like the monster at the back, seems out of place, maybe sci-fi. IMO it needed something that is unknown, maybe like in the Poltergeist movies?

Anyway good luck with your work.

I agree with speed7, nice feeling, but i don’t like the monster…

It would be awesome if the monster have a main base you can see, or if tentacles, maybe fewer of them that stand out more/look bigger = more intimidating. Good work by the way, saw and respected your work on the Halloween competition.

Congratulations for the first prize in the Blender Guru contest! I like the mood of picture, but the monster reminds me of gummy worms I’ve eaten when I was little :slight_smile:

I love the work but like everyone else, the creature? It would be spookier with just a hint of something. Maybe a faint shadow of something unexplained in the door.

Nevertheless, congratulations on 1st place. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words. Initially it was supposed to be a ghostly looking girl, but it didn’t look scary enough, just looked like a normal girl - character art is not my forte

Awesome work. Very creepy, tells a story. I see “The Shining” influence in it or possibly anothe Stephen King title “Rose Red”. Brilliant render.

I am thinking changing the lights to candles would be more horrible in this scene:eyebrowlift:

i really like the atmosphere! thanks