Corrosion Test

(harkyman) #1

Here’s my corrosion texture (Hi BgDM) for the environment of my mecha contest creation. It’s about 1/5 procedurals, 4/5 photoshop work, but what you see here is two separate blender objects, stacked, each with several texture channels. This contest is fun! Full Size Here…

(BgDM) #2

hehe, nicely done. I actually thought of doing the two seperate objects, but I want to try and get it in one PS job and them make the bump and spec maps from there.

Nice work!


(valarking) #3

really nice bumpmapping, but it looks a little too “clean”, i.e. there’s enough corrosion, but not enough dirt, grime, etc.

(shibbydude) #4

I see Italy! I also see a proceedural stucci texture, I think. Nice looking.