Corrupt a Wish Game

I saw this on another forum and thought it might be fun to try here. Basically you make a wish, and the next person has to grant it, but they must also corrupt it a little bit. Then that person makes a wish for the next person to corrupt.


Person1: I wish I had Cadillac.
Person2: Granted, but there is no engine. I wish I had a new house.
Person3: Granted, but it’s located next to a waste treatment plant. I wish… (etc.)

Ok, here goes. I wish I had a quad core processor.

Granted. But I’m not sure a food processor needs four cores :smiley:

I wish I had Blender 3.0.

granted, but it’s not compatable with your system.
i wish i had a decent renderfarm

granted, but the ones who dress provocatively are easier to find.

I wish I had an infrared filter

Granted, but it filters everything.

I wish I had a digital camera.

Granted, but the stuff is puts out is lower quality then YouTube

I wish for a million wishes

Granted, but every one granted kills a dragon.

I wish I knew everything.

Granted, but at the expense of other areas of your brain like motor skills and basic functions

I wish Blender will instantly get every feature in every other 3D program plus all the cutting edge ones in .pdf’s.

granted, but it loses its current UI. :frowning:

i wish forum games would just die.

granted, but nothing happened since forums were never alive

i wish snow was black

Granted, but it’s black from car exhaust and coal dust.

I wish this forum had Dragon smilies.

Granted, but whoever made them wasn’t great at drawing dragons. Here you go: :ba:

I wish this wish was incorruptible.

Granted, but you don’t know what to wish for.

I wish I had telekinesis.

You become telekinetic but without control. Objects just start bumping into your head randomly.

I wish the distribution of wealth was even.

granted, but evenly distributed between the 5 richest kings of the world

i wish i could remember where my flash drive went…

Granted, but you won’t want it any more once you find out.

I wish all software was bug-free.

Granted, but there are no more computers in the world to install anything on.

I wish I could speak all languages of the world.

granted, but you confuse yourself for a french-speaking englishman

i wish it would stop snowing outside

Granted, now it snows inside.

I wish I was the strongest man alive.

granted.but now, you destroy everything you touch.

i wish i had something to wish for…