Corrupt avi file?

Hey, I just rendered some sequences in avi format (HDTV 1080p) and it plays fine in GOM and VLC player but when I import it into Premiere or any similar editing software it’s just black. Why is this happening?

Thanks for your help, Blendermonkey

What codec did you use ?

I would highly recommend using lossless image sequences for rendering an animation. Rendering directly to a video format is more risky of failed renders and wasting your time having to re-render. Premiere should be able to import them ok.

Just don’t use OpenEXR. Premiere doesn’t like them much.

Xvid seem to work with Adobe products but it is lossy.

I had a similar problem, worked great in VLC, but not with other media players. For me, the problem and solution was that I was rendering as “AVI JPEG”, and not “AVI RAW”. You should note, that even though rendering in the “AVI RAW” format worked universally, the render was not only a massive size, but also prone to stopping and starting. So as a final step, I imported it into Windows media player and exported it in .wmv format. Worked like a dream…

I think the basic problem is to do with proprietary video codecs. The VLC player uses its own open source codecs that can play just about anything.The legal justification is based on compatibility clauses under copyright law in both European and “some?” other jurisdiction’s. I am not sure what codecs Blender uses, nor how it gets around copyrights, but essentially it is a legal and technical minefield.


Just edit in the blender vse. It can do anything you need it to do. Don’t wast time or money with adobe.