Corrupt Ubuntu CD

Ok, so I ordered 5 free CDs from the Ubuntu site to package with a couple computers I am selling. They arrived two days ago. All Cds that I tested had corrupted files on them (discovered this by the media check option). I have tried sending an email to [email protected], but they haven’t replied back.

I guess I am worried that the image they mass burn to the 5.10 Cds they ship might be corrupt as well. If anyone has the printed Cds from Ubuntu 5.10, please post and tell me if they were corrupt or not. It might just be my cd drive improperly reading the cds to (it’s actually a DVD drive)

PS. . . all cd’s appeared to be in mint condition (ie no scratches or anything). The livecd refuses to boot and I am afraid to install from the install cd in case it messes things up.

you checked that the MD5 sum was for the same version the cd’s were.

make sure the Md5 sum is not for a newer version (if you checked it from the sum found on the internet)


Thats strange.

I got a bunch of cd’s from ubuntu 10 32bit and 5 64bit.

They all seem to work fine.

Have you set it up in the bios that it can boot from cd?

Its more likely you just got a bad set, that usually happens on a mass production of software.

I used the “Verify Media” option in the installer. That means the MD5 sum came from the Cd itself. On the live Cd, a package called casper was corrupt. The live cd choked and died after that. I forget exactly which file was corrupt on the install cd, but if I remember correctly it was a system library.

Ok so, I may have gotten a bad set (yes my DVD drive is set to boot from. I boot lots of things from it). By the time I order and get a new set of Cds, Ubuntu 6.04 will be just around the corner. I might as well just wait for an upgrade. I was just wondering if anyone else had corrupt Cds (the standard order of 5 x86 32bit Cds)

I think I found the problem. . . . it’s my DVD drive. Popped the Cds in another computer and not a single error.

Does anyone have an suggestions as to what might be wrong with my DVD drive? Maybe point me to some sites that tell me what to test?

It could be just old age.

Or tighten up the screws holding the drive into the base. If these screws are slack it can cause the drive to vibrate and cause errors.

Also get one of those cd cleaners that clean drives. If the laser has dirt on it, it wont work properly.

It could just need to be cleaned.

I just told a relative about the problem. . . and that is what he suggested. He works in kinda a tech support environment.

The drive is about 2-3 yrs old now. It is in kind of a dusty environment, so I would be surprised it if didn’t need a cleaning.