Corrupted blend or something?

So, I was working on a small animation involving Mancandy sitting and yawning and stuff, y’know, to improve skills. Anyways, I made a mistake and CTRL-Z’d. Crash! I believe I saved very recently, but it refuses to open. Blender crashes. Anyways, if my work could be recovered, by appending IPOs or something, that’d be nice. I don’t know if it’s possible, but if so, could someone help?

If you can find Blender’s tmp directory (it should be in C: mp if Blender is installed on the C:\ drive, and if you are using windows), there will be .blend files with numbers as the name. Search through them and see if you can find your file (it might be a bit older, i.e. you would need to work on some stuff that you already did).

Aha! Thanks, it’s a bit older but it seems to work.