Corvette C3

So this is an old Corvette model of mine, made it in school maybe 15 years ago and I’m still kinda proud of it, thou I didn’t have any really good render of it. So I imported it into Blender, made some new shiny shaders, created a simple environment and lit and rendered it in Cycles.


Nice modeling, nice lighting, nice compositing. The only suggestions I would offer would be to make the glass reflections sharp and maybe tweak the framing.

Good stuff!

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Thanks for the critique! :slight_smile: Actually the window reflections are 100% sharp in the shader, it’s just whats being reflected that’s a bit soft. So I did sharpen it up and it looks a lot better now yes! I edited my first post with the change (and also uped the contrast a bit as well).
I’m quite happy with the framing thou, but I am curious on how you’d tweak it? :slight_smile:

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Personally, I’d just zoom in on the car a little more since it’s pretty small in the image, but that’s just me. :wink:

I agree with @HISEROD about car size in compare to whole image but hey this lightning and red paint are great! Can you tell us something more about light? :grin:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Well yeah both you and @HISEROD have a point, at least when looking at it with smaller screens. Blown up large I really do like all that empty space :slight_smile:
But yeah, here’s a closer version ^^

The light is manly a big softbox on top which is just a plane with some gradients, and an area light behind the car just to get some rim light showing the silhouette of the car better. There’s also some black planes that I used as shadow casters. I did disable them from the camera under the object properties so them self wouldn’t be visible in the render. Here’s a shot from another angle showing it all :slight_smile:

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Thank’s @bartv, much appreciated!
I’ve worked a bit more on this, rendering out a pass with some rain, splashes and some exhaust smoke in Eevee which I comped on top of the still render from Cycles. Also added some sound in an attempt to do some kind of ASMR. If you like the sound of rain and a V8 you might like it :wink: