Corvette C7 Super Resolution

Hi there! Check out this latest render with 9000x6000 resolution, highly detailed and a 16K HDRi. Well, by looking at my ancient computer specs, 2 GB RAM, Core 2 Duo, GT 430, HOW? You may ask. Simple. Lots of patience and a render farm. Used Microsoft Azure with Tesla K80 to render. Took around 10 hours. I am very happy with the result and also, RIP PC.
Full Res:


Kudos :slightly_smiling_face: (I used to do 30 hours render on pentiums, good old days)

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oh dear, i dont think my device can handle such a huge image! from what i can gather from the thumbnail alone, the amount of detail is legendary and awe-inspiring! what lighting setup did you use? id love to know how you got such a clean, slick look. kudos to you!

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I did the same with my poor GT430 :sweat_smile:. The pain was huge but technology is moving so quick now…

Thank you so much! I really love the amount of detail from the model. I have changed my mindset for what we can do with higher resolution. I used a HDRi from hdrihaven, used a procedurally generated floor texture and all. You can also check the process on . . Thanks again.