Corvette...of some type...

Kind of afraid to post this now…
I finally get my big project done and I was like “yay it’s awesome”
then I decide to post on the blender forum (For the first time).

Looking through the gallery at all these great renderings, I find out that I suck at blender.
Anyway, here it is, the headlights were rushed (meaning I googled ‘headlight texture’ :rolleyes: ) but I think overall it resembles a car, somewhat…
Please critique evilly, I need to get better for my next project is a Ford GT. :stuck_out_tongue:
And sorry for the format, I had it posted on a different forum before this…

“Sorry but you must be logged into our forum in order to view this image” :frowning:

Can’t see the picture as paulR said. Upload your images to or some such image hosting service and use that link for all your forum posts.

ah, sorry about that. I’m never logged out of those forums, didn’t even notice.
Here it is again:

oo that looks like awesome modeling work, great job

Overall that looks very good indeed! No need to be afraid at all. Never be, feedback is really important if you wish to become a pro :slight_smile:

You wanted some crits, that’s good sing from an artist…

Only minor crits I find about your model are the somewhat flat looking headlight (probably because of the texture as you said) and few little odd looking “pinched” lines in the bumper above & back of the headlight (maybe you got little too dense mesh there that causes those).

Also the scene could be more attracting (like highway or some such little background scene), but I understand that you are willing to show your results to everyone fast :wink:

Also some improved settings for AO and that is going to look really good and polished (btw… you can save your render by pressing F3… unless you wanted to show the statics for some reason)

If you want more precise crits, you have to show some wireframe renders from different angles too. That way someone can guide you to do something more efficiently & better.

That’s really promising start you got there!

Nice render!!
4 stars.

I love the window font.

Thanks everyone.
Keep in mind that this isn’t a final render really, I’m going to have it in a race scene against the GT, so it will have an environment. The floor and background of this render are just to get some good reflections.
I also did a render of the rear view, here it is. Does anyone know why you can’t see out the windshield?or why the side mirror looks weird through the glass?
As for wireframe, I made this model with subsurfed polys (not NURBS, theyre weird) so would you want the pre-subsurf wireframe?

@trak wrecka: yea, i got REALLY bored one day and started messing with the settings…

Looks very nice to me, although I spy a few bumpy spots on the back edge of the trunk. You might need to increase the raydepth so that you can see out of the winshield. Also, does your winshield mesh have 2 sides? If it is only 1 sided, it won’t look as real. Overall, very good modeling, but your materials, particularly the glass, could be a little better.

If you wanted to post a screenshot of the wireframe, you can go to the modifiers panel, and select the “optimal draw” option under subsurf to make it show the post-subsurf wireframe.

Well first off, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I assume that you are fairly new to the whole car modeling experience, so from the looks of it, you’re right on track.

The front end could do with a bit more definintion though…a few loopcuts here and there to sharpen up some edges, but nothing that drastic is wrong with it. I couldn’t bring myself to critique you in an evil manner, as suggested by you, because I don’t think you deserve it.

PS: You know that you can just save the image with F3, right? Posting screencaps of the renderwindow looks a bit tacky…

I didn’t know how to save it, I’ve just been using prnt scrn…
yea actually this is my 2nd finished car model, the first was a '69 Dodge charger that wasn’t quite this good…

@Frodo: the windshield is only one sided, that might be why its not showing up right. The materials were’nt as big a part of my rendering as I now realize they should have been.
@M@dcow: The front end does have some weird bumps in it, especially along the bottom. Maybe I should inspect my renderings a little more…