Corvette Stingray


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Yeah I don’t think there’s any problem there. Looks like you just have “Limit Selection to Visible” turned on in the 3D View’s header so any lines behind the faces aren’t rendering.

(Tedri Mark) #42

That was probably it yes.

I was about to ask another question about an issue I had adjusting the rim curve on the cutout but I ran though it again and everything seemed fine.

What I’m doing now is saving a blendfile for each of the chapters (so e.g Corvette 2.6.blend) and then each time I get to a point where I feel like I want to make a ‘save point’ I name the scene according to time I’m up to in the video, and then duplicate the scene, choosing ‘Full Copy’. Oh so yeah, duplicate your start scene at the very start and rename that ‘start’ too.

For anyone contemplating getting this I can highly recommend it, if you’re just starting out in blender you’re probably going to have to do a lot of pausing and rewinding, but if you follow the in depth instructions then you’re going to end up with good results and learn a lot along the way. I’ve been using blender on and off for about 10 years now but I’ve already picked up some amazing workflow tips, along with some basics that somehow I’d managed not to encounter, or I’d forgotten (Why have I not been pressing ‘L’ to select meshes under the mouse pointer for all these years?! :o)

Top work!

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Great idea with the version saving, definitely will make it very easy to go back and investigate where something may have went wrong. And thanks for the testimonial! Oh yeah don’t get me started on overlooking seemingly basic stuff, haha, after 15 years people are still pointing out things to me that I’ll smack my forehead over.

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Speaking of which - any reason why you don’t just press ‘S’ and then ‘0’ to scale things to zero?

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Oh, with my hands camped on the mouse and bottom left of the keyboard i like to leave them there as much as possible. So instead of moving my hand to type in 0 I’ll just scale to 0. This seems just ever so slightly more convenient and with any given project having countless operations to perform, the more i keep my hands still the more smooth my workflow feels. I do this with mirroring too, I’ll scale to -1 instead of using ther hotkeys often. Just something i got used to and came to prefer.

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Okay, me again…

Chapter 2 Section 7: Bumper Finish. At around 29:30 you select two vertices and press ‘J’ to kind of do an automatic knife tool slice across the mesh and join them. For me that isn’t working. I’m using Blender 2.79.6



EDIT: Also, at 31:09 - I don’t understand how copying the shrink wrap modifier and applying it pulls those vertices back to the surface? (I’m guessing it’s that they weren’t part of the vert group, but I don’t understand how this would help in that case…_)

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Just a compliment here on the series - it’s great! I’m on Section 2 ch 24 (window borders) . No issues that were not my own fault. I’ve had to re-do one or two items but so far all is going well.

A side effect of this course is that I now find my self over noticing all the reflections/creases and curves on just about every car I see.

(Tedri Mark) #48

I started to be able to see wireframes on cars after hammering through the first few chapters :o

( #49

I’ve learned that it’s better to start over a part of the course if you’re not happy with the result.

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Applying the Shrinkwrap modifier bakes the vertices in the deformed position i.e. it physically moves them. I recall that this is explained clearly earlier on. Vertices that are not part of the vertex group being shrinkwrapped won’t be moved.

Re J keep not creating edges between vertices try doing it on a cube on the 2 diagonal corners. If it works then something’s not right on your corvette mesh. If it doesn’t work on your cube then you’ll need to problem solve it e.g. update to 2.79b / reinstall.

(trevorcurtis) #51

This is an amazing car model and render! Fantastic work!

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Sorry for the late reply guys, got back from my honeymoon recently and I’ve been catching up with work stuff since.

@Tedri_Mark Could you explain more about what happens when you press J? Does it not make a cut through at all, or does your cut choose a different path than mine? If you’re still having the issue you could send the blend to me at [email protected]. Maybe your mesh has some doubles in the area or something else that’s preventing the tool from working properly. And as 3D Kiwi mentioned, applying a shrinkwrap modifier will apply the shrinkwrapping to the base vertices, so that’ll actually make physical changes to the vertices by pulling them back to the guide mesh surface. And getting those base mesh vertices closer to the guide mesh surface there is just going to help a bit with the bevel along that vent cutout.

@cadaei Thanks for the kind words! And yes me too haha, any interesting car I pass I can’t help but scan it and imagine its wireframe. Looks like it’s infected @Tedri_Mark too!

@trevorcurtis Thanks Trevor!

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This is a awsome piece of work! Well done :slight_smile:

4k Ultra HD high resolution exterior & interior car blueprints |

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so far so good.

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Fantastic, looking like some really solid modeling there. The environment reflections aren’t doing the surfaces justice but I can still tell your topology is in great shape, awesome work, looking forward to seeing more progress.

(powlly) #56

Yes just a plane and quick render, will use some more effort on the environment for the follow up.(thanks).

(cadaei) #57

Ok - finally worked my way through the entire course!!

Fantastic course!

QQ - if I wanted to add racing decals and such, what would be a good technique for that?

Matthew Bennett Sketchbook
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Looks great! Well done, the model looks impeccable. I think the contrast in the final render is detracting from it a bit but definitely adding a sharp vividness to it. I was putting together a results video to post on my youtube channel, mind if I use your render? I can link to your website as well if you’d like.

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Oh and as for decals I guess the best way would be to use an alpha map to combine two shaders in the node editor. The alpha map would be black and white, and in white would be the shape of the logo or graphic on the decal. So this black and white map could then be used as the mixing factor for a Mix Node and this would allow you to only have a decal visible in one area while the rest of the area remains car paint. You’d probably have to do some UV unwrapping for whatever panels you want to have decals on too.

(3DKiwi) #60

Ditto about the contrast but looking good. I’m working the tail lights currently. Be glad when they’re done.

One tip for anyone new to Blender like me is selecting the boundary loop of edges can be done by Alt clicking on an edge loop and then clicking again. This then saves shift clicking all the various loops that make up the boundary loop. I was getting sick of selecting this way and Googled how to select boundary loops in Blender.