Corvette Stingray


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You are osum i need you to know it!

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I’ll try adjusting the contrast a bit as suggested.

Yes - feel free to use the image in your video.

No need to link to my site or anything - the one I have hasn’t been updated in about 2 years (about the last time I published an app for ios):

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Ok - adjusted the contrast a bit.

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@blengine I have a few more renders posted in the finished project thread here:

Feel free to use any of the images there for your video as well.

I have a green one rendering out shortly (my kids like the different colors!) The car paint shader is a lot of fun!

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Hi there, I’m steadily wading through the course, just up to the end of section 2 chapter 12, and I was going to try to transition at this stage to using blender 2.8, as a good way of familiarising myself with it, but it seems there’s a difference in the way the shrinkwrap tool works, just wondered if you’d had a chance to try to run through the workflow in 2.8 and get it to work the same?


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@cadaei Muuuch better, that looks fantastic! Great collection of renders on your thread too, and congrats on getting featured on BlenderNation, woo! Looking forward to including a render or two in the results video.

@Tedri_Mark I’m going to bite my tongue when it comes to 2.8 in its current state as there’s still at least 5 months to go before a release candidate is considered.

You’re right though, this method isn’t working right for me. When I switch “On Surface” to “Outside” for the rim’s shrinkwrap then things get a little bit better, but there are still issues all around the Corvette panels, issues which don’t make any sense to me.

Maybe fixing shrinkwrap is on their to-do list still, as even shrinkwrapping something normally causes issues. Maybe shrinkwrapping works different now and somehow tweaking the guide mesh method could correct it. Or maybe they actually nerfed one of the most powerful modeling methods in Blender. Too early to tell or even get up in arms over. We’ll see how development goes.

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@Tedri_Mark Ok I actually spent some time with this issue tonight because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Everything appears to be ok when you set the first shrinkwrap modifier(for the rim) snap mode to “Outside” snapping instead of “Above Surface”.

And if you remember in the course there are occasional issues with the rim not looking rounded enough, so we have to move those rim vertices inward until the rim looks right. Well these areas might remain messed up even after setting the snap mode to “Outside”. All you have to do to fix that is just move the vertices in more and the rim does fix itself.

You can bet I’ll be doing a lot more testing soon, but just glad to see that despite things working a little bit differently, the method still seems to be working overall. Also I did notice some shrinkwrap issues listed in the bug tracker, so they might still be ironing everything out with it anyway.

(Tedri Mark) #68

Nice, I’m still pretty early on in it, so having only really used the shrinkwrap technique with the solidify modifier on the hood and the front bumper I’m really still only ‘following along’ with regards to setting the vertex groups of the rim to a weight of .5 of one group, and a weight of 1 to another etc, and magically that makes everything work great, rather than fully understanding how it does what it does so it’s good that you’ve had play and got everything to work.

Ideally as you say, I know I should really wait until things get stabilised, but how beautiful does it look in that orange carpaint matcap :open_mouth:

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That was my first time actually testing anything out in 2.8. I was quite excited looking at my car paint material in realtime and I dragged my wife into the room to show her haha. I haven’t gotten around to looking at the matcaps yet.

And about the rim shrinkwrapping, maybe I could explain it a different way, although this may make things more confusing we’ll see! So on the rim, the top edge loop is already in the top vertex group that’s shrinkwrapped to the surface. The bottom edge loop of the rim is already in the bottom vertex group that’s shrinkwrapped to the inside to add thickness. So they’re both good to go.

Now we have that edge loop in the middle of the rim that we need to make sure is as perfectly in between the top and bottom edge loops as we can get it. So first we add it to the bottom vertex group at 100%. Giving it 100% weight to that vertex group also makes sure that the shrinkwrapped geometry follows the exact curvature of the Guide Mesh. However, now that rim geometry isn’t centered, it’s all pulled down to the bottom of the rim. So to get that geometry centered halfway between the bottom and top edge loops, we then add it to the top vertex group at 50%. So now that second shrinkwrap modifier will pull that geometry up halfway, centering it.

Unfortunately this still doesn’t give 100% perfect results but was the best I could think of. Ideally the best solution would be to have a profile option for the solidify modifier. On simpler models you can use solidify and then the bevel modifier for the rim, but most of the time this doesn’t work because the clamp overlap option is triggered pretty easily and limits the amount of beveling. I imagine a beautiful world where the solidify modifier itself has a profile option that instead of beveling the corners inward at the top and bottom it would actually bubble out the rim itself to form the roundness of the rim.

(Tedri Mark) #70

Just had a quick test by duplicating a section of a sphere, managed to get it working fine in 2.79 and also in 2.80 (after my first attempt gave me a flat plane that had a magic, hidden, solidify modifier on it that I couldn’t delete :confounded: ) , cheers!

EDIT: I then ran through the workflow with the inverse section of the sphere, but I found in order for it to shrinkwrap correctly, I had to set the rim shrinkwrap to ‘inside’

2.8_Shrink_test_2.blend (937.2 KB)

(blengine) #71

Ah you must’ve applied the solidify modifier at a value of 0.01. So the amount you need to offset the rim’s shrinkwrap modifier by is -0.01, then the rim will look correct. Setting it to “Inside” actually seems to break the shrinkwrap modifier and it’s not shrinkwrapping at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Amazing work, keep up the great progress.

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Holy crap as Chris would say, I’m done. Really enjoyed the course. One of the best project based tutorials I’ve ever done. Here’s a few renders. Next up is to do a few with different paint colours. I did my wheel nuts different than the course. The course had exposed wheel bolt threads. A fancy car like the Corvette covers the bolt threads.

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Amazing work! Model, textures, renders, all superb. And yeah I’ve been grilled by a few about the nuts and bolts haha.

(Tedri Mark) #75

Me again, with what is probably just an issue with Blender 2.8, but here we go… I’m doing the side windows, and I can’t get grid fill to work, I get the ‘Select two edge loops’ error. Okay, so I decide to append the outline of the window into a new project in 2.79., where I get the same issue. But strangely, it’s as if the vertices aren’t connected:

(This is in 2.79, in 2.8 the connecting lines highlight as expected…)

As you can see, the lines aren’t highlighted in between selected vertices, even though moving those vertices will move the line in between them, and ‘removing doubles’ doesn’t help. Adding extra vertices either though extruding or adding a cube etc in edit mode results in the same behaviour of the new verts/lines

Is this something you’ve encountered before, or is it a weird bug I’ve discovered?

(cadaei) #76

I got that error in 2.79 (haven’t tried 2.8 yet). To resolve I would dissolve a vertex and try again. I think the grid fill might need an even (or odd) number of vertices (I didn’t count).

(Tedri Mark) #77

Yep that did it! (In 2.80) :smiley: Thanks!

(3DKiwi) #78

Looks like too many verts to me. Wherever possible when I did my Corvette I kept the vertex count exactly the same as Chris’s. Compare your number of verts to that in the video.

(3DKiwi) #79

Some more renders from me. Think I prefer the blue.

(blengine) #80

@Tedri_Mark yep I learned after the course that the vertex count needs to be even for that tool, sorry about the confusion there.

@3DKiwi Awesome new renders. I also love the blue paint ones best but there’s something about Warehouse_02 that I really love too. Great work.