Corvette Stingray

No worries, the way I see it every extra hurdle I have to overcome on the way is added value.

I encountered something that anyone else trying to work through the tutorial in 2.8 might come up against:

When doing the side rear windows, a crease value of 1 won’t give you a sharp corner unless you set the subsurf modifier quality to 1 - this setting ins’t there in 2.79, probably something to do with the opensubdiv tinkerings in 2.8.

Also, after applying the subsurf modifier, in 2.79 the crease value is reset to 0, whereas in 2.8 those edges still have a crease value of 1. I had to manually reset the crease value to 0 in order to get the same result as I followed along with the next few steps

All to be expected as things change, and might change again in the future, just thought I’d put in in here to help anyone else that might get stuck if they’re using 2.8

Oh yeah this was brought up to me recently and I didn’t realize setting quality to 1 sharpened the corners, thanks for that. I feel like this may not be ideal since it concerns precision, but it doesn’t seem to have any negative impact in my tests on simpler models at least, so might be totally fine.

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Hi ,

first , thanks for the good work, I am still at the beginning. I get a lot of knowledge imparted.
The sequence in Section 2 Chapter 7 at 19:45 looks like sicience fiction.
Is this for a movie or just fun for us?

Haha it’s all just for fun, and there’s a couple more parts to that movie in random chapters later on. I just wanted a more interesting way to edit the video to basically say “whoops, we forgot to do something so I’m editing in the fix for it” =)

awesome, I like it :clap:. I really enjoy it. I’m already looking forward :eyes: to your next course.

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I picked up the ToonKit recently and after going through a few samples I decided to try the line rendering on the Corvette - I’m pretty happy with the results. I just swap out all the materials for the LineArt node from Toonkit. I hid the headlight cover to make all those details show up.


That’s awesome, the lines it produces are pretty clean too. I’ve got to give this toon kit a spin soon.

One of the best things about this render is I can finally see all the detail “Corvette” on the wheel hub!

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Made myself a new cool wallpaper and learned some great stuff! Thank you Chris.

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Oh and almost forgot these


Love the lighting in these, it’s really showing off the great surfaces. Only issue I noticed was the reflections passing between the door and front fender, but everything else looks fantastic great job!

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New ones @blengine

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A stylised version too

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I really like the last one. There’s something about the ground too that’s especially nice, it’s extra gritty and looks wet like after a storm.

I used some depth of field to highlight the bumps and it came out to be amazing. Btw do you like these lens effects?


Yeah i might have overdone it on the bottom area :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s definitely your best one I think, love the extra colors.


Nice cleaning modelling here, loving your work!

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G’day Nigel.
So seeing your renders im just curious, you still use Modo or have you now come too using blender?
I use to use C4D and be a Cafe regular.

Ive only just recently started to use Blender, been a few yrs now since I used C4D probably about the time you left the Cafe forum.

Love the black render M8.

Still using Modo but I tinker with Blender.