Corvette Stingray

Hello everyone,
I finally finished one of my biggest jobs done so far. This is my first object done with a complex topology, and the first time I used the uv-unwrapping for the environment.

The scene was modeled in blender 2.5 and rendered using yafaray under the 2.49. Some minor touch in post pro, like the vignette, using photoshop.

Textures are from

Hope you like it

Hight res image

I’ll post the wire soon :wink:

Nice work! You ay want to raise the gamma a tad: on my machine your render looks a bit dark.

Thanks callmeishmael for the suggestion :slight_smile: I’ll make some adjustment

Very very NICE WORK! By Andrew Wox76 Round

Thanks Andrew, that means a lot said from you :wink:

Hello, the preview image is very dark and i could’nt spot it at first time despite I recently modelled the same model for a driver addon!

from side view the car look very close to the original (actually i can’t see no flaws :slight_smile:

that’s 73’ model i think…

Even the high-res image is too dark for you? Anyways, thanks, it’s not exactly a real model, because I started from a c3’s blueprints and changed here and there using tons of photos of other stingray :slight_smile: