Cory get's the new Blender particle hair :)

I’ve tested the new “Particle Hair” feature we’ve got in the upcoming 2.40.
Of course, it’s not with styling tools yet - so he’s got to do with “wild-hair”,
but making hair is real simple now.

The above image was rendered with the internal renderer + ambient
occlusion which took about forever (1 hour) to render on a 2 ghz Amd.
But without AO (or GI) then hair would look horrible.

The next time - you will probably see Cory here with a new hair-cut,
from the looks of this image - he needs it …badly! :slight_smile:

Anyway - I think it’s the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen on Blender
again -> Kudos to the developers!

:o That looks great, too bad about the render time.

Nicely done hair.

Unfortunately… aside from needing a haircut, it looks kind of like it would be good if that hair (nice as it may be) actually appeared to be connected to his skull…

But nice hair nonetheless.

Yeah the side of the head bares no hair but it still does looks great, i think the hair also looks great. looking forward to that haircut.

Man, I’d love to see your settings for that.

Would be nice if we could see viriations for differen coloured hair

oh boy, she really needs a hairbrush. have you seen the new ‘guides’? you add a curve and use that to tell the particles where to go, and you can crank the influence way up too. latest build also has the explode patch, which i tried last night, and it was quite cool.

Whoa !!
that looks awesome dude, gotta try the particles soon

Settings? No problemo…here ya go…


%| And can you give the materials settings too please? Thanks.

of course…


Thanks, this helps a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, but why put a mullet on a little kid?

I assume you’ve never seen the Jungle Book ^^

nice hair…

how do you use the explode modifier? I tried turning particles on, static on/off, soft on/off, tried splitting the mesh a little, and got nothing when I hit Alt-A…What’s the trick?

Wow! so this new particle hair will be a tool in Blender 2.40?

Will it be easy to apply the hair onto the model? For example, when you apply subsurf, it’s just a matter of clicking the “SubSurf” button. Would applying the hair be as simple, just a click away?

I’ve tried using RipSting’s FibreScript, and its very hard to control how the results will turn out, I couldn’t get the basic shape of hairs and the results always turn out looking funny (not hairs at all). I’m not saying this script is bad, I love it infact.

Well, I hope Blender 2.40 will be released soon, :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t wait to try it out.


By the way, is Cory a boy or a girl?

Just curious.

Some hair from Cory’s temple down to the cheek bones will make the hair looks connected to the head.



Cory is a boy, but the answer to your question is nearly a yes - it’s
quite simple to applyhair. It’s still particle-hair and you still have
to use particles, but it’s way easier than before, just take a peek at the
settings earlier in this thread to get a hint.

I didn’t use hair guides even though a particle patch exists…because
it’s not in CVS yet… but it should be fairly easy as particles should
attract towards AND follow simple curve shapes.

Particles (finally) cast shadows?

Only the static particles, because they are rendered as a 1px wide mesh… normal particles still don´t cast shadows