Cosmic Background not rendering

Hi. First things first, using v2.76 (most recent that works on XP), cycles renderer. Doing a scene in space. Needed a cosmic background, but I wasn’t able to find a cubemap or spheremap; I got a sort of cylindrical projection texture generated from Hipparcus catalog data.
I created a kilometer sized rugby ball object, unwrapped it and applied the starry texture to it.
The stars show on the working display, in both textured mode AND in rendered mode; but they don’t show on rendered stills or animations.
Instead I get the Sky color gradient.
I’ve checked for possible layers issue, but the rugby ball is in layer 1 which is included.
For the material I have checked Shadeless, Traceable, Full Oversampling and Face Textures.
For the texture I got View as Render, Influence as Emit only and Blend as Mix.
In Rendering->Shading I have checked Textures, Shadows and Raytracing.
In Render Layers I got Include Solid, Sky and Edge; znd for passes Combined only.
Any idea what could be my problem?

Never mind, I found the problem; it was my camera’s depth, I think 100m by default, wasn’t reaching the cosmic rugby ball.
Too many adjustments in Blender, IMO. The depth of clipping in the viewport, and for all the cameras, should be the same, and adjust itself automatically, anyhow.