Cosmic Chessboard

Okay I’m trying make a space themed chessboard and I have some questions to ask about it

  1. The first is about the edges, I want to ask about the checkered shadows around the board and if I can get rid of them
  2. Relatedly would be the groove on the edge. I had the “floor” of the groove use the same emission materials as the walls, but the render shows it as instead the same materials as the checked pattern that comprises the functional part of the board
  3. I used a space HDRI for the scene but for some reason but the resulting background appears darker in the render than it does in Blender (I’m not sure if its related to the emission or if I somehow had it render in cycles while using Eevee for the editing)

As an aside I intended for the board to reflect the cosmic scenery, and also being more colorful then usual (sussing out the color scheme will come later, but for now I went with magenta/blue with purple for the frame)

I admit that I approach things casually and that it has been a long time since I last posted here, but if there are some tips on how to improve the board that would be appreciated.