Cosmic Expansion

Hey guys,

I created an animation called “Cosmic Expansion”. Unfortunatly youtube has some issues regarding fast movement and deep bass sounds… Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Software used:

Blender 2.63, BI

Mixcraft 5

This video uses the following sounds from freesound:

cinematic deep bass rumble by ERH:

Cinematic Boom Norm by Herbert Boland:

An interesting visual piece of video. When the animation first started, my focal point was at the center of the video. As soon as it expanded, my focal point darted to the 13 lights surrounding the center before the center became the focal point again. So you used a couple of fields to manipulate the particles for this animation? I haven’t taken time out to do such a thing with particles, but when I do I can only hope that it can be on par with this.

Thanks! Well, the particle manipulation is one part. You could even create very interesting optical illusions with the particle movement. However, just as important is the composition afterwards. Since it’sjust a boring halo render, you need to really take your time to spice it up afterwards :wink: