Cost Effective RAM

Alright, this is a repost of a topic. I turned the other one into a thread to post in while the forums were being repaired.

My computer is a emachine that costed about 500 dollars- I bought it because I thought it was a great deal (it’s all that a thirteen year old without a job can afford). It has a 3.33 GHz processor, 368MB of RAM, and an ATI Xpress 200. The processor is nice, but the graphics card and RAM need to go. I know where to get a good graphics card cheap, but where can I get some cheap RAM? Any good websites?

best deals ull proly get on any site

Thanks for the link- I’ll take a look at it.

I feel your pain with the X200M. It’s definitly not a good vid card but it does pull more than it’s weight. Considering it’s an integrated card it has to be the most powerful integrated card I’ve personally seen. Most would say it does what it’s made for, but the X200M does more than it was made for. lol sorry I love my X200M in my notebook. It can play half life 2!!!, but Half life is a friendly game. But this isn’t what you wanted to hear :). When you chose a vid card make sure it’s a gaming vid card if that’s what you’re going for. You probly already know this but more VRam doesn’t mean it’s a better card.

I suggest you buy Corsair ram :slight_smile: you can get their value packs which is a great deal.

Goodluck :),
Taylor (Odin)

I’m just barely surviving on games like Halo 1 and LOTR that were made three years ago. And I still get some lag, lol…

Let’s see if that site is cheaper than tigerdirect…

EDIT Ooh, nice… Thanks for the reccomendation on Corsair, they seem to have the best value. I can’t afford to buy a graphics card and RAM until I get a summer job, but I can buy one or the other right now. Which do you think is more important, GUI speed or rendering speed?

Here’s what I say :). This is only my opinion and someone may have a better opinion :). I suggest going with the RAM upgrade. With the X200M you should have an option to allocate some of your system RAM to the card, and considering you can’t upgrade both this seems like a way to upgrade both moderatly.

The Video Card will only help you with Blender and games. As the RAM will help you with alot more, btw how do you run Blender on the X200M? My X200M has 0 OpenGL support so I’m stuck using 3DS Max. Which either hates me or hates low polygon models lol.

Right now I see the RAM helping you more than anything. BUT! someone will know more than me :).

Thank You,
Taylor (Odin)

hi guys, I’ve also responded in the original "cost-effective RAM’ thread saying that I’m looking for the same thing. Just a quick question, is it possible to get a processor/motherboard/RAM package deal or something? I got everything else that I need and can upgrade later. (Hopefully I’m not seen as threadjacking but if anybody let me know of such a place with these deals then chances are they will also have deals on RAMs and stuffs)

I’m using a work around that someone mentioned on the forums- download a nvidea driver, rename it to the ati driver, and then put it in your Blender directory.

Rad- Heh, welcome back. Try to avoid dual cores, they’re currently unneccesary unless you’re rendering a feature length movie on one PC. I found a decent one on newegg that has a good price to it. Here. You can probably find a motherboard there too.

thanks but I don’t need that expensive of a processor yet (only on like a $200 budget). I’m just trying to figure out what is the best way to update my computer (focusing on processor/motherboard/RAM cause I got everything else I want) I was just trying to see if anybody have spotted a combo or a up grade that I can afford. see my computer basic info here.

I just want to make it faster in general with things like gaming, modelling, and clips. and make it easier for me to upgrade a part at a time later. I keeps feeling that I got a lousy computer or something and want to try and upgrade for this reason too. I have a ATI Radeon 9550 (letting you know cause I don’t have it listed on the site yet, I think)

ATI tends to be really laggy with Blender. Do a search for ATI Slowdown and see if you can find a good work around.