Cosy Room, Criticism needed

Hey, I tried making a little cozy room this morning, this is the result

Any C&C is very welcome, as I am just starting out in blender
The room is meant to be rather simplistic, for an easy life type feel :wink:
I think the wall textures need a lot of work, as they are boring, and the picture in the picture frame is just a test…let me know what you think.


P.S. Please make the image actual size if your browser makes it smaller, because it might be a bit distored…maybe :smiley:

nice pic…

The bottom of the pic frame looks kinda strange… and the wood texture on the table top just doesn;t see right?

other then that nice job :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Yeah, i am just about to change that picture frame, thanks for pointing it out.

The wood on the table seems alright to me, but the more I look at it the more I can see why it’s a bit…wrong .

Anywho, thanks a bunch for the help

Very intersting. It has potential, but needs work. I like the feel of the image, but its a little to dual & empty. I would add more to the scene. Work on your lighting a bit more.

Keep it coming :wink:

I notice something strange in the wood texture. It seems to not respect the general perspective.
The power cable of the lamp has probably too sharp curves, try to smooth it.
Anyway, it’s a good start.

Compositionally it could be much stronger. Essentially now it has two picture-elements (the desktop and the painting on the wall), both competing for the role of “subject.” The painting appears dreadfully underexposed. The eye wanders across the screen … and wanders, and wanders some more.

The eye follows a path through any picture. It starts at the brightest spot. It’ll wander out the edges and fall-out of the picture if it can. It likes “rule of thirds” lines. It wants the path it follows to eventually be closed. There is a huge amount of material on photographic composition on this Internet.

For instance:

(What, you might ask, could a tutorial on photography have to say about computer graphics? “Everything,” I would answer. It’s an image, isn’t it? Don’t matter by what technology that image came to be.)

So, the rendering notwithstanding, the picture itself can be made much stronger (just as if it were a photograph…) and you will immediately have a much more satisfying image perhaps without changing any of the models at all.

Thanks all for the criticsim, I’m going to try and recreate this room, following some major image rules, thanks again :smiley: