Cotaks resources


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This page shows the resources that i share.

They all are free to use but you may not sell it to others(of course you may sell it as/in a game). It are free resources and it should stay that way! Most of these blends/script are python based.

If you can use it, use it. :slight_smile:
One of the blends not working in BGE? feel free to send me a pm.

All things below should work in Bge from version 2.6+ until latest release (2.79)
scripts are being converted for upbge

(Please do not post anything in this topic, use the topic of the resource itself to reply)

If you readed it all and still have nothing to do try my Crazy flipper(pinball) game:

(- Click for resources) #6

Ok after deciding what to do, i have decided that i will make my resources compatible with upbge.

At this point ready to be used in bge and upbge: (Over time i will adjust more of the scripts).

  • first person with mouse and keybindings
  • save and load
  • Slow motion (it stutters when slowed down to much(probably due to they changed the threading/sleeping), ill contact upbge team soon about this issue. other then that it works)
  • quest/dialog system
  • random name generator
  • RTS building placement with pre requirements
  • Double tap key to run (logic bricks)
  • Walk and stick on animated objects and planets
  • FPS engine bundle
  • random assets spawner
  • game launcher
  • inventory
  • loading screen with progress bar

If you have by any chance altered one of my scripts to work in UPBGE already, send me a pm, i’ll add it to the topic and put credits from/to you in there.