Coth in blender by 2010

I have the cloth development site bookmarked, and I used to check it every day for like 6 months. It seemed to be off to such a good start, but then it sort of faded away. Now it has missed two blender releases (unless something changes quickly). I guess it got too complicated, or maybe they just lost steam, but it looks like it’s going to be a good while yet before we have some competitive cloth in blender.:frowning:

What about dynamic curves, that doesn’t seem too hard. Could we at least get those? (I know, shut up and code it myself, but that would take me a couple months of dedicated work and I know someone could do it much better and faster than I)

I haven’t tried the latest, but you’ll note that they were still working on it in July, with a patch for 2.42 July 28.
Probably students who are busy with school at the moment. Try contacting them and seeing what they’re up to.

with the new softbody code in the CVS, i expect cloth simulator to be near-completion.

It is very near completion, there is ‘one bug’ left in the newest patch that is in the patch tracker.

Genscher can’t use the keyboard for a month due to wrist pain. Zaz has had other obligations that have kept him from coding for awhile. Anywho there is a good chance it will make the next release.


i hope the guys will recover without any long term problems!

i very much appreciate their work.