Cotton Candy Nebula - material .blend posted, scroll down

What started out as a study of “fluffy” shaders turned into this stylistic nebula :wink:

Click for full image.

Modelled and rendered in blender, color tweaking and some edge cleanup (due to the shader) in GIMP. None of the fluffy/blurry edges were created in GIMP, only cleaning of black edges on overlaps was done.

Oh, and note that this IS a mesh and a material, not halos/particles :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think! (i’m thinking about submitting this to the art festival, but i’m not sure. ive already submitted some of my other works btw).

Real creative and abstract, good job :slight_smile:

shading in blender is a real chalenge. I really can’t find the way to do some flufy stuff in blender. I tried to do some cloud without any succes.
Is it too much to ask how you did it? or at least what is the way you worked it?

That’s just beautiful, excellent work.

There might be too many colours though, if you look at real nebulas you’ll notice that they have more uniform colours.

It’s still very nice though, keep it up.

GR8, fantastic-cloud-shader you’ve done. Im impressed. And nice coloring, it’s good color composition, so send it to the art festival, why not?


Seriously though, how DID you do it? :smiley:
Great work, this is the kind of thing that gives me hope that blender will one day beat the living daylight out of some of these other 3D programs. :smiley:

thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile:
i sent this to the art festival (along with my other good stuff.)
you can see my submissions here:

Let me put together the blend with the material. Its quite a tricky shaders and there are some problems with it. It’s more of a material specific to this image than one that can be applied anywhere. For example, i had to deactivate ztransp to get the fluffiness right, which means any overlap will create nasty black edges (this is what i meant by “edge cleanup” in GIMP)
Also, you need to have a relatively flat FRONT of the mesh, but steeply sloping sides. This is because the alpha texture that creates the soft edges is mapped to NOR coordinates.

Anyways, i’ll see if i can put up a blend w/ the material; hopefully you guys can tweak it and come up with your own stuff :slight_smile:

Looks great! just might be my next wallpaper.

I’m guessing the shader depends a lot on translucency and ramp shaders.

looks really good :smiley: :o , wire?

Looks very good Blenergetic, I really like your works. A blend showing the materials would be great, thank you in advance.


Very nice shaders Blenergetic.

Looks like it was hand painted.


well guys, heres a blend with a few metaballs and the material: thanks to f00fbug (blackmage) for hosting it :smiley:

A few things to note about this shader:
-Works best when mesh has edges that slope away from the camera, not hard edges, and also when the front of the mesh is relatively flat (i suggest metaballs)

-To increase the “fluffiness” of the edge of something, increase the texture size (T > Size)

Lets see what you guys can do with this :wink: