Cottonwood Creek Charter School Animated Short

My brother teaches an animation class to third through fifth graders and eighth graders. He also has a night class with high school students. He coordinates all of the sequences together for an animated short every quarter. They user Poser for the animating and Vue for the rendering, but all modelling is done in blender. The characters are mainly off the shelf from poser, but we import them into blender and make changes and put back in poser, for instance the scarecrow’s was almost entirely blender and I modelled the deer’s antlers to change it from a reindeer. All of the animating was done by the students. You can watch it in HD if you want… enjoy.

Nice initiative! And a good work there!!!

Liked the way climax is built (the farmer running from the animals in the end was absolutely compelling!), and also liked the editing (camera angles and stuff)! Animation is irregular, you have good and not so good shots, but I think the story works. What I liked the most were the final credits, with the “back to back” footage/rendered versions!

I think the biggest crit I have is that you didn’t credit the music!!!

Anyway, good work there!!! I really enjoyed watching.