Couch & Table

Finished Project: “Couch & Table”

Everything modeled and textured by me except the newspaper, rug and painting.

Vase material looks the same as sofa material. Shouldn’t it be different?

I can see how you might think that in this version which is scaled down from the original render.

Here’s some close ups:


Vase (rough stucco):


nice image.

Thanks! Appreciated.

Nice image, but I think the table is a little bit to small.

Thanks. Ioved the candles over from the middle of the table because it looked awkward cutting them off. So looks like table is short.

Very nice. Obviously they bought the sofa to match the vase, or vice versa. Since both the sofa and table are cut off, people take their cues from placement. Most people center the carpet and the coffee table on the sofa. If the sofa is normal size, then the coffee table looks short. If one imagines a normal sized coffee table, then the sofa seems very long. Try adjusting the placement of the coffee table and rug, and see whether it ‘reads’ better.

Yeah this seems to be a very comfortable place to be :slight_smile: I don’t know if you wanted to achieve photorealism but to me - as a photographer - the optical perfection is too great. The lower board of the table is exactly parallel to the image border. Maybe a very small lens distortion in the compositor could give the image the last degree of realism… anyway, I like it.

Very nice scene! I’m just a little confused with lighting and shadows. From where comes the light sources?

That’s a good idea. they are lined up and match IMO in the scene, but appear off to the viewer. I struggled a bit like I said above with the votives, but didn’t think to just move the whole table over. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, I was going for photorealism, and while like you know, optical perfection is often strived for in these types of scenes, it’s nearly impossible to achieve in real life. Thanks for the tips!

Big bay window on the left, with light maybe bouncing off a wall, and a short hallway on the right to a door with a window in it. I decided to not include gobos to show the window frames based on the photo I was using, but still might do a version with it. I also couldn’t think of something reflective to put on the table that I liked that I could use show the outside environment in a reflection.

hi, i am trying to make the sofa, any tips or tutorials you can share??
thank you

Hi Panesar,

I made this couch from scratch. I didn’t follow one tutorial in particular, but I saw several that helped me figure out how to make it.

Two that I learned specific techniques from are:
Modeling a Leather Seat:
Chapter 6 of the Interior Architectural Visualization Course from Blender Cookie:
Then for the blanket:

I also looked at other models that I got from the web and looked at how they were constructed.

Make sure you model using the mirror modifier so you only have to model one half of your sofa.

One thing that I’m not happy about in this image is that the couch looks too new and doesn’t show any wear or natural inconsistencies in the surface from people sitting on it. But I wasn’t happy with my attempts with the sculpting tools.

Good Luck!

thank you edrift.
its helped me a lot.
really appreciate it :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Good Luck!