Couch - WIP

New project – Couch. Going to be a room with a couch, table, vase and a few other items.
Couch modeling about 50% done. Still a bit blocky and missing seams and buttons, but couldn’t resist throwing up a quick render.

Crits & Tips Welcome

I like the feel of the piece already. It looks like an advertisment. nice floor.

I like this!

Thanks for the compliments. Re: looking like an advertisement, it’s very much inspired by a Sonus Soundbar sweepstakes advertisement I saw on Facebook.

Updated it with a fabric. added a seams on the seat cushion, added buttons on the seat (though you can’t see them from this perspective), and in general softened up the modeling on the seat to look more plush.

UV mapping not set on the back cushion yet since I still have modeling to do on it so don’t want to re-map.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I like that the gap between the seat cushion and the frame of the couch is smaller than in your first post. Much more realistic.

Hey everyone. Update.

Back now looks a little more comfortable. Added seams and buttons to it as well. Top right corner needs some editing still I think. The pillow is just a sub-div’d cylinder placeholder for now (hence the crimping). I am going to model a tube style pillow to replace it.

Still not happy with the texture but at least the mapping is right.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

looks great. I’d really like to see this in leather.

Crimping is not necessarily a bad thing on an overstuffed pillow. When Blender throws you a useful artefact, use it. :wink:

LOL. I actually thought about that. I am envisioning something more squishy but who knows?

Thanks! Was planning on staying away from leather, but maybe i’ll do one with leather or vinyl too. My only concern is that once I start sculpting it, the material won’t be believable.

Modeled the tube pillow and fixed a few other bits on the couch. I think the modeling for the couch is done. Still not happy with the fabric. It has some color variations and tiling issues. Maybe i’ll just go for the full on leather.

The table is just a placeholder while I work on the real one. The potted bamboo downloaded from Blendswap (Created by Renderbob: ). Yes, I know the woods clash :wink:

Suggestions? Crits?

Updated my couch room project:

  • Tweaked some bits on the couch
  • Added a vase and twigs
  • Added a blanket
  • Modeled the table


  • Fix texture on couch still
  • Change texture for blanket
  • Add more objects
  • Lighting Lighting Lighting

Really cool. The only thing I can think of that I think would improve the current render is to use a very rich dark wood for the table. maybe something like red mahogany. Great update.


Funny you should mention that. I changed both it and the floor to a matching distressed polished ebony (i believe?) wood early this morning but haven’t rendered it yet. Other changes to the table include a pane of glass on top, a second shelf underneath, and the legs are now wood instead of chrome.

In the room, I added a chair rail but ran out of time before I could finish the wainscoting, so I’ll finish that tonight and post an update.

Hopefully I’ll find/make a better fabric for the sofa itself. I’m not a fan of it right now.

Added wainscoting, chair rail and changed the floor texture and table. Not too happy with the floor texture. Too much difference between the light and dark grain. The coffee cup I threw in there real quick from Jay-Artist until I replace it with something.

Everything looks nice except the red blanket and the wood texture. Also, the image is kind of too sharp. Maybe try and make everything look soft and nice for the eye? I loved the atmosphere in the first render.