Could anybody tell me how to use Tiph_boot_l in cycles?

how the Tiph_boot_l texture function?

And how to use it in cycles node?

Tiph_boot_d and Tiph_boot_s
diffuse and specular

Tiph_boot_n normal


I wrote out a bunch of stuff about using image textures in cycles, then realized you’re asking just about the purpose of the _l image. Honestly I’m not sure what that is supposed to be for. It seems like 90% of the area of the boot is just going to be white on that texture. I guess it might be some kind of baked ambient occlusion? With “l” standing for “light” or something.

I’d say you can safely skip using that texture entirely and get perfectly fine results.

Is it some sort of ambient occlusion map? The white parts (i.e. no ambient occlusion) seem to be on the front of the shirt - whereas the darker grey parts appear to be in areas that would be occluded.

If you Google image search for “Ambient Occlusion Map” - the results that are returned look very similar to the I map.

Who’s Tiph?
Could start from here

Edit… And then try this: