Could anybody write a Python exporter to Maxwell Render

I recently downloaded a 3ds to MXS the Maxwell native file format. I wonder if anybody could write a similar convert for Blender.
Maxwell is an incredible render engine… hope that somebody could be interested in writing a plug-in or and exported for it.

Not very likely.
Maxwell is $1000,= Not really target audience for blender.

Right now Maxwell is only $399. Much more afordable than VRAY or BRAZIL. Several Blender users begun to request a plug-in already at the maxwell site.

I wish WINOSI would mature to the point that Maxwell is right now… but I doubt that that is going to hapen.

the great thing is that buying it now u will have the full version in july with no charge… I’m entering now in the “job-fields” but I don’t want to loose maxwell opportunity otherwise I don’t want to spend too much money to get it with 3dsmax, maya etc…

Anyway producing a connection plug-in for maxwell would be a good display window for blender…
I’ve also read on their forum that everybody can write not-commercial plug-ins at no charge with the plus of getting their support…

what else?..

I think it would be ingenious if someone made this script happen. Just speaking as someone who uses Blender professionally (as well as other Open Source graphics software), I can say I would love to only have to purchase rendering software (as opposed to also buying a modeling package) if it came to the point where I couldn’t do what I need with what’s already available for free.

This seems like it would be a pretty high-profile project, too, so whoever works on it is virtually guaranteed at least 15 minutes of fame :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, I’m not sure who’s noticing this but the Blender community is rapidly “growing up” in terms of professional-grade output and has been for some time now.

I’ll tell few.
Free sw is for free people to help doing whatever they want…
anyway it shouldn’t be something circumscribed by closed thoughts.
If someone is doing something good I should tell.
Unifying power can bring to good things.
Staying into a watertight room doesn’t give u much.

I hope my bad english wouldn’t be misunderstood.

Nothing personal, only a point of view

you can donate to yafray or pixie or similar render engine projects so we can all pull those opensource free rendering engines to commercial level without spending 1000$ per person.

i personally would like to see a good exporter for pixie, aqsis or povray than maxwell.

no offense but i just do not understand spending 400 or 1000$ on rendering software meanwhile using free opensource modelling and animation package.

The fact is thet maxwell is another kind of renderer not similar to an existing one. It is simply based on reality.

I don’t think why don’t let people make a choice instead of closing like porcupines.

I’m afraid that this discussion would lead to nothing…

i think best way is to tell why you need maxwell render? Yet you need to create textures, yet you need to create models, yet you need to create a scene, put lights or similar enviroment etc. It is not like it is really going to make your life 6 times easier. Unless it renders 20x faster than any other rendering system outthere.

unfortunately… it renders at 1/10x faster than the others at the moment…

do u remember the maxwell’s equations? they describe light as an electromagnetic wave. good.
the renderer takes its name from there 'cause its algorithms are based on those equations.

the result is a phisically exact projection of light rays.
now u can imagine its potential.

if u’ve never been there, please go to and watch it with your eyes.

When u make a project about light into architecture u need a good response from your simulation. that’s my need.

with “1/10x faster” I mean 1/10 of velocity of the others

The same argument against developing a Maxwell exported can also be used for others importers exporters… 3DS, Lightwave, and so many other commercial applications. Why people can writte exporter for MAYA and not for Maxwell?

If I want to get a very professional render out of blender I have to buy 3D MAX + VRAY or 3D MAX + Maxwell. I love YAFRAY but complex scene can not be hadled by it.

I wish that instead of having to use Maxwell somebody will continue what is seem now dead The toxic render engine. It is also a physicaly accurate render that could have matured to something better than MAXWELL. Unfortunately it is now dead.

i think it is maxwell`s responsibility to develope script for blender, since they are the ones making money out of it.Or at least they should fund some part of it. Especially if you think about that they charge so much money for their render engine, why would anyone spend all their time for writing a script without getting anything in return?On the otherthand as far as i know, maxwell is not even opensource or does not have any of the public licences.

otherwise it is wise to create a decent donation based funding for yafray or similar engines , so they can keep improving and provide alternative free and opensource engines to community.

Again… PIC… 3ds, maya,lightwave as their own importer/exporter plug-in and their are not free sofware.
What you implay is that Blender has to have only conectivity to other GPL or open source application. Following the same argument one can not have an importer or excell or word in Openoffice…

New Limit outsource many of their plug-ins to third party developers so it is posible that they migth contribute with money for the development of a Blender plug-in.

Eventualy I have not doubt somebody will write the plug-in for Maxwell.

well would be wrong to stop people writing for commercial softwares, also i am sure there is a market there as well, for plugin writers and users.

What i am saying is that, we should try putting emphasis on public licence projects first aka yafray or pixie as renderers etc . Commercial projects should come later, unless whole crowd of blender is not all about opensource and free software.

i have no compalint against exporters or importers for opensource projects, it is not about money, it is about being opensource and being available to people.
Just i am having hard time to understand (thou it is not blame !!) spending 400+ $ on renderer and using free animation-modelling software.

you can get softimage xsi for the same price, whole package. But softimage is neither opensource nor free.

i guess everyone has their own reasons, but my reason of using blender or wings3d is totally about supporting public licence softwares. And i respects others reasons and needs.

Look, it’s simply an issue of necessity or popularity.

Either an external package must be supported, and the person who needs that support begins writing it.

Or, a tool is so widespread and popular that more people see a value in supporting it in this way. This is certainly the case with yafray, 3ds, maya, DXF, OBJ, POV, etc.

The former appears to be your case; you “need” it but unfortunately for you, you must rely/wait on someone else to do it. One tactic that someone in your position might employ is to rally support for such an exporter. Perhaps another enthusiast of Maxwell will have the time and knowledge to write the exporter. OR, you all as a group could then petition Maxwell’s developers to write an exporter, or at the least convince them that Blender deserves an exporter.

Actually, pushing the task of writing an exporter to the commercial entity that wrote the software to be supported is nothing less than reasonable. They should be the ones, after all, drumming up interest in their commercial software. They should be providing the “hooks” to get new customers, in this case a Blender exporter. It is a minimal expense on their part, good advertising, and it gives people the idea that this company is willing to do X for the community. They have more benefits to writing it than liabilities.



The issue here is why we need a plug-in for Maxwell render?

I spend sometime learning YAFRAY and is a good render… but for small projects… large interior render are problematic and YAFRAY tend to crash.

But if you need a Physically accurate render then Maxwell is problably the best if not the only software available right now.

I had lot of hopes for TOXIC but it is now DEAD. Another opensource gone. I also evaluated BRAD (plug-in for RADIANCE) but there are lot of work to do before it is ready. Winosi other softwre evaluated it is promising…

If there are other Physically accurate renders for Blender please let me know!


Ha Ha…
Based on maxwell equations…
You know blender is also based on maxwell equations since int implements refraction and reflection. What you are saying doesn’t mean anything, If Maxwell Renderer was so realistic it would implement polarisation, diffraction, scattering, Interferences, fluorescence and the thousands of strange behaviour that light can have. I’ll tell you : the more “realistic” a renderer is, the less flexible it is, and the less you can do with it.
Maxwell is fine for architectural renderings, but for anything else it isn’t that great.

But if you can manage to get an exporter for blender it is cool.

ohoooo… at the moment it is at the alpha version ok?! Everything about light would be possible… do u know (i.e.) another renderer that permit to make the flash effect like a real camera? Go to their home page and see that…

Do u really think architectural visualization is a small thing done by few people?!?

Anyway u all are closed-minded don’t u?
Be seen from many people as possible is the first thing, I say the first, a not big sw-house should do.

It so difficult to let u understand…


Stay in your box and have a good time.


Perhaps the term Physically accurate is not exact not only for Maxwell but for all the other softwar that claims to be that (unbiased render)

The truth is that the image speak for themselve, I have seem very few renders of the quality of Maxwell. Physically accurate? not sure but very real life looking…

By the way In maxwell forum there are several user of Blender hoping to see an plug-in…