Could Arpara be an ideal monitor replacement?

I’ve long been searching for a good head mounted display/VR goggles to replace my desk monitor setup. image a giant screen in front of you, no need to choose between 24 inch or 32 inch, go as big as your heart desires.
from Avegant Glyph to Goovis HMD, they all promised giant screens, but fall short on delivery: merely 40ish viewing angle (similar to holding a tablet or phone at near arm length), sub par display resolution and blurred display edge/ corners. they can not replace a desk monitor setup.
until recently, I came across an Arpara Review from Youtuber MRTV, and as of Dec 15th 2021, they are running a Kickstarter campaign at the moment. it seems pretty decent for monitor replacement as it checks quite a few box for me.


  1. resolution: Arpara is 2560x2560 pre eye, whereas oculus quest 2 is 1832x1900, valve index is 1440x1600. screen door effect is near non exist.
  2. color: Arpara uses Micro OLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate, unlike other VR use LCD display, OLED color is quite good, black is pure black not washed out grey.
  3. weight: being a monitor replacement, working for hours is common. at weight around 200g, compare to quest 2’s 500g, it would put less stress on forehead.
  4. pupillary distance and diopter adjustment: as a near sighted user, wearing glasses and a VR goggle is not comfortable. be able to not wear a eye glasses to use it is a huge plus.
  5. build in gyroscope for 3DOF: with other HMD, the display is always pinned in front of your eye, it does not feel natural. while with 3DOF, the display can stay in place in the virtual world. tethered version has 3 DOF, all in one has 6 DOF.
  6. works with steamVR: the main reason it can be a monitor replacement is the compatibility with steamVR, apps like virtual desktop or bigscreen can mirror the display into a virtual monitor.
  7. 95 degree field of view, not as good as other VR headsets, but not bad either.


  1. price: at tethered $399 and all in one $599, it is not entry level consumer friendly, but for a good multi monitors setup it can run up $400-$500 easily.
  2. import duty: since it will ship out in March next year internationally, import duty can vary based on your country. although last time UPS simply droppepd my goovis at the door without collecting anything.
  3. with the on going chip shortage, pandemic and geo political wrestling, no one can guarantee on delivery time.
  4. the tethered version does not support 6 DOF movement, making it not viable for VR games. it requires a separate tracking suite to work in VR games, although the result is not as good as other tracking. but for use as monitor replacement, 3DOF should work just fine.
  5. system requirement: on their official website, it listed as RTX 2070 required, and Amd card not supported currently. it seems that is mainly for good VR gaming experience, but for office work or light task, requirements would not be that demanding.
  6. since it covers your eyes, there is no other way but blind typing on the keyboard. coding with it on could be challenging.

so, what is your thoughts? can it be a proper monitor replacement?