could i see a render screenshot?

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I have posted this problem before but with no effect. The problem is that i get three render windows. it is kinda hard to explain so i was wondering if i could see a screenshot of something rendered (the whole screen). then i can see if mine is normal or not.

another problem that i have is when i have a window in front of blender which is not maximised, blender comes to the front covering the active window.

I’m using blender 2.23 on windows ME.

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Hi, I post this reply to give you the feeling that you are not completely alone, but propably I can’t really help you. (no webspace, no screenshot)

Screenshots you can find in many tutorials all over the net.

Three render windows sounds wired. Only idea, you set the DispView button instead of the DispWin button in the render menu.

The problem with popping up blender, sounds quite normal or does blender pop up spontaniously by itself without any mouseclick?

Hope someone other can give you better tips. :-?

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yeah, blender just takes over without me clicking anything. it also then looks a bit deformed.[/img]

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hmmm. Do you have the X Parts and Y Parts set to higher than 1 in the render settings? If so, then this might explain your multiple windows, as this makes the renderer create smaller sections and then piece them together afterwards. If not, then I have no idea. Are your renders coming out OK? If so, then might not worry about it.

As far as Blender just popping up. I never had that problem. I used to run ME, but now I run XP Pro. No problems on either OS.


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it looks something like this…

[ ]
[ ]
[ ------------ -------------- ------------ ]
[ [ ] [ ] [ ] ]
[ [ ] [ ] [ ] ]
[ [ ] [ ] [ ] ]
[ [ ] [ ] [ ] ]
[ [----------] [------------] [----------] ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

the three small boxes are the three render window. when F11 is pressed, the last render comes up in the outer two windows and then you can press F12 to render in the middle window. This way you can compare two renders. The problem is that when you try to render a big picture, the windows overlap eachother adn you can’t see the render properly. Xparts and Yparts are both on 1.


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AAAAH :o :o …

my whole ASCII image got messed up when i posted :frowning:
anyways, better describe… there are three windows at the top, horizontally in a row. If i can find a site to host a picture i will post a screenshot of mine.

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here’s a link:

then go to the photo page.


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switching to DispView would definitly solve the problem.


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ok thankx but does everybody have thuis if dispwin is on?

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No :frowning:

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hm… weird

anyways… the screenshot is gone now to make place for my entry to the weekly competition…