Could Intel 10nm i-5 be faster than 14nm i-7?

I’m thinking about replace Surface Pro 4 with either 6 or 7. It’s not for Blender, I have a workstation tower with Cintiq for 3D stuff. I use SP4 for drawing away from my desk. While SP4 is more than capable running Sketchbook and other drawing software. But it’s barely making it for Rebelle 3, a CPU physic based watercolor program (amazing watercolor BTW).

Currently MS is trying to get rid of SP 6 inventory by offering i7-8650U for $1100. While new SP7 i5-1035G1 for $900. Since SP7’s UBS-C is not a Thunderbolt, so eGPU is outta equation. Then it doesn’t matter much for my purpose.

Normally $200 difference between i5 and i7 would be an easy call to make. But from what I can dig up on the benchmark sites, the latest 10nm i5-1035G1 is faster than 14nm i7-8650U. It sounds almost too good to be true, then again it is 10nm chip. Is it possible?

BTW, 10nm chip is too new to have a reliable benchmark right now.

How much ram do they have for that price?

Both models are 8GB, 128GB. It’s in MS store.

The SP7 has no fans. It could throttle a lot.

Edit: However it has much better GPU. Maybe in the future the apps you use will use the gpu.

In my opinion, go for the SP7.

Like PS6, only SP7 i7 has cooling fan, which is probably the dumbest decision MS has made in SP series. I’ll have to get a i7 model.

Goodbye Surface Pro, hello Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet gen 3. X1 tablet supports eGPU through its Thunderbolt ports, plus upgradable SSD.

With eGPU, one could setup multiple monitors for Blender. Although CPU throttle is in the firmware for these type of computers, but some has successfully using Throttlestop to overwrite the throttle settings.

Gen 4 is probably going to be out soon with 10nm chip, but 14nm i7 is good enough for my purpose.

I got the i7-8650U Thinkpad X1 Tablet gen 3 a couple of days ago. It’s a solid tablet, it’s better than Surface Pro in many ways. But one big drawback is the battery life is quite short, maybe a little over 4 hours of drawing.

Currently it’s on Amazon for $1100, that’s a fantastic deal for i7, 8GB, 256GB model. Unlike Surface Pro, keyboard and pen are included.

According to Windows Central review, 10nm i5 is faster than 14nm i7. No wonder PC makers are cutting price on old i7 models.