Could it be done? Sticky Texture Baker

Hello folks! I’m in desperate need of a tool that I suppose should be easy to do… for someone that knows programming anyway :wink:

I’m working on some camera mappings to animate matte paintings; As usual, I place a photograph as my camera’s BG, model my scene according to it and then convert the mesh co-ordinates to “sticky”. That maps my image to the mesh, and I can animate it as I want.

However, due to deformation (and resolution) problems, moves are really limited; I can’t move my camera too much without having smearings everywhere.

What I’d need is something like the procedural texture baker, just using the sticky coordinates as the source… get my point? I’d unwrap the mesh, the baker would “cut” and deform my texture as needed and then I could edit it to have a perfect UV map… exactly as is done with procedurals…

Do you think this could be done? I really, really hope so…

Sorry for too much bla bla bla, and thanks in advance!



You can UV map Your model using “From view” option and use background image as a texture. Just remember to make the texture to be square…

I know, but this doesn’t solve my problem since I’d still have “deformed” textures… at least I think so :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve checked out the thread about the uv baker script, the author said he will work on the sticky texture baking during the weekend… too bad for me that he said it a couple of months ago :\

I’d offer a bounty if I could, however I can’t at the moment :\

Thanks anyway,


From view but with a window set as a the current camera, numpad 0, of course .

jms: Am I wrong or was the original Texture2UV script yours? If so, could it be modified to work for stickies too, as I explained?



Did you try this :

This script saved my day xD Thank you so much JMS

You could also try adding a UV project modifier with the projection source as the camera.