Could it be normals ?

Hi, so i ran into an problem.
I can seem to find out what is causing this weird shading, i did check the normals and such recaculated and flipped them but they don’t seem to go away.

Any idea why this is happening ?
Appreciate any feedback.

It has ‘Smooth’ shading. Select ‘Flat’ shading in Object mode.

in blender you can use 2 type of shading:

  • flat
  • smooth

you can find this in the toolbar ( the panel on the left ), you have just applied the smooth shading only to that surface, the rest of the object still is using the flat shading.

Damn that was a slap in the face, can’t believe i didn’t realise that.


I can think 2 cases: or that window is not aligned with the walls around, aka the wall around is not flat, or that walls are set to smooth while the rest of the house is set to flat.


I was late…