Could it be paradise...?

Hi all…just finished this, I think. I used a couple of rocks from Andrew Price, but made most of them.
The trees and bushes are from Yorick’s Blender Greenhouse.
This is done in BI, no post processing…

Let me what you think.:slight_smile:



IMHO the Normalmapping (or Bump Mapping) is way too prominent on the rocks and stones. Also make sure that in the texture panel under Image Sampling Normal Mapping is ticked, it apperas to be off in your case. The water lokks strange, and the background is too lores ( maybe use DOF). The palms are the bomb, though !

anaho: Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. I’ll look into improving on what you suggested.


The whole image overall fits, its a good idea and composition :slight_smile:

alanplanes15: Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.


beautiful dude just beautfiful