Could need help with anime. :)

I’ve anime my first charcter yesterday, hes done today.
So heres my problem.
Hes simple, looks like a lego guy with painted clothing parts, however.
I made eyes in hes face. With UVsphere. Then I anime it. And hes shaking hes head and body.
But the eyes wont move, hes eyes stays there i made them, so they are not connected to the face. How to make them connected? I’ve tried “Ctrl + P” Make Parent, but doesn’t work. Anyone? Im kinda new. (Blender 2.49)

to make an object the child of another object
you have to select both. Only select one will do nothing.
First goto object mode.
Second select no object (check it with select all, deselect all - key A)
Third, select the child-object with mouse-click - its highlighted?
Fourth, with Shift-Click select the parent object too, now both objects are highlighted?
Then you can press “Ctrl+P” and make the first selected object the child to the second selected Object.

So the last selected Object is always the parent.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: