Could not find installed python

Dear Forum

Thanks for letting me in.

I am an absolute newbei to 3d as well as Blender. I downloaded Blender 2.27a after I came across some stunning pictures done in Blender.

I have a small problem.

I have python24 for windows installed. When I start Blender, a dos box opens which says “could not find installed python, some scripts may not run, continuing happily”

I went to the preferences and ponted out the directory c:\python24, and I restarted Blender, but the same message. Blender works fine but can I make it look into the directory?

I also downloaded the Blender Publisher 2.25, this does not complain.

Any ideas?



Hi car313
Welcome to the forums.

This thread can help you set the Python path for your OS.

Of course if it doesn’t just let us know.
Good luck!

blender 2.37a uses python 2.3

blender 2.40 will use python 2.4

blender 2.25 uses python 2.0 [and doesn’t complain if it doesn’t find it]

in windows you don’t need to install python for blender to function, but some scripts may require python modules not included in blender [these scripts shouldn’t be included with blender, but I’m not sure if that’s actually the case]