"could not find submesh" when trying to find missing textures (pink model)

Hi guys. I’ve imported a XPS file of a character model with the XNALara plugin into Blender. In solid display mode everything looks fine, but the model is entirely in pink with missing textures when viewed in material preview. I believe I’m supposed to use the “find missing textures” feature, so I directed Blender to the texture folder with all the TGA files but blender will just say “could not find submesh 0-9…” in the folder.

I’m pretty new to Blender as I usually just work with XNALara but since a lot of the models online only work in Blender, I’ve been giving Blender a try. So apologies if this is a stupid question.

Thank you for your help!

I am predicting that you are attempting to import the one of the FF7 remake models into Blender. I am having the same issue lol

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Yeah lol! The solution was very simple. The model from ProGamer (if that’s the one you opened) simply isn’t textured yet lol. When I posted this he was the only one who had models, but by now there are plenty of textured models available and this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.