Could somene help rig my character?

Alright updated the wolf with working eyes, now I need this rigged. I will try this myself, later…you have to take breaks!! xD. Anyway if you Goliath or someone else could help me rig this guy It would be great. Note! THe pupils will not move, but the eyebrowns will, so no pupil movement is necessary. Thanks anyone who is kind enough to help me with this, I’m not expecting anything so I will try it myself. But that is in maybe 6-7 hours. So yeah see ya later! :smiley:

im taking it, im gonna fix it some!
like some vertices and it
then i’ll try to rig and skin it!
pleas send me on a private message your email! then i can update you what i’ve done!

if you decide to do it on your own, here’s a great tutorial for rigging:

Thanks alot Ames:), I sent my email to you. And I’l have to learn it sooner or later, so I’l have a look at those tutorials! :yes:

Thanks both of you :wink: