Could someone bake this for me?

i just want the texture to have shadows in it, so i dont have to draw them individually in photoshop. i have no idea how to do this. ive even asked for help, and nobody seems to know why my baking turns out black. its such a ridiculously simple concept that seems to be rocket science for basic tutorials, even.

What exactly are you trying to bake?

And what do you mean by:

i want it to have shadows idk how else to explain it… the shape is way too complex for me to shade in photoshop and it requires alot of trial and error

With Cycles, baking shadows should work just fine. Can you post a screenshot of your bake settings or upload your blend file? It’s probably just some setting that is missing.

Get the file ready to the point where you’d hit “bake”, then pack all images (main file menu) and host it someplace, then post a link to the file. People will be able to tell you why it’s not doing what you want.

Here you are:

If you disconnect the output-texture from the BaseColor input and allow direct and/or indirect light to contribute to the bake, things should work as expected:

Of course, the details depend on what you want to do with the bake. But trying different Bake Types will probably give you the desired results. :slight_smile:


how do i disconnect it?

There are a lot of ways to do that. If you move the texture node to the left side of the shader node, the links will become more visible.

You can then:

  • move the line’s endpoints away from the socket
  • press “ctrl” and cut the connection with your right mouse button
  • select the texture node and choose “Detach Links” from the Node menu
  • move the texture node while holding the Alt key at the same time.

There are probably more ways to do that, but I guess this will do. :wink:

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oh wow nice.
it works. thankyou!

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I’m glad it worked. Good luck baking. :slight_smile: