Could someone guide me along?

Hi everyone! After much Googling, I think it’s best to ask a question here instead

I’m downloaded the stable build of makehuman and imported a human I made into blender, with rigs and everything.

On Youtube, I see lots of videos of the character having triangular shaped bones called an Armature, but the model I imported doesn’t have any of that, it only has ‘rings’ surrounding different body parts.

On another video, a person was able to directly click on the ‘rings’ to select them, I tried everything and found that I could only select them in box select by pressing b, then selecting the ring, which is really really slow.

Most videos just jump right in without explaining the controls, and the only videos that I could find explaining controls only explain the other modes, not ‘pose mode’

I’d like this learn how to do the following practically:

Scale the model to a normal size, it’s a giant when first imported
Assign a camera or button so that I can always return to a default position, showing the entire character, head to toe fitting the height of the window
Select the rings on the model in one single click(excluding any buttons)
Everything else that I should know to facilitate a smooth workflow

Thanks for the patience in reading all this!

The rings are called “custom shapes” and are meant to be more user-friendly than the regular shapes. Besides, a lot of bones are also hidden so that the animator has only to deal what’s relevant for them.

As for using the rings, they work just like regular bones. If you can box-select them, you should also be able to select them with a right click. For that, of course, you must be in Pose mode. I was sent directly into Pose mode when I imported an MHX file (for the first time, today) with Blender 2.66.6.

If you’re not in Pose mode, make sure that the armature is selected and press [ALT TAB] or use the dropdown menu in the header. It should then be labelled “Object Mode”. But I’m sure that you already are there because you can select individual bones only in Pose mode and Edit mode.

To scale, you must be in Object mode. Select the mesh and the armature, press [S] and there you go. If you want, you can press [S] and type .1 [ENTER] on the numpad to scale to 1/10th, for example. (I fiddled at random with MakeHuman export settings and the result was 10 times larger than expected.) Just make sure that the pivot point is set to 3D cursor [.] and that the 3D cursor is at the origin. [SHIFT C]

If you want, you can apply the scale but only to the mesh. I don’t know why the armature really doesn’t like that. I just don’t do it.

For the head to toe view, a camera is the only way. All the other options dealing with the view move, zoom or rotate but not the 3 at the same time like the camera view does.

Just an FYI, not sure what makehuman build you used, but the one I use exports the mesh with a parent relationship to the armature, meaning you need only scale the armature (in object mode, as you said)… in fact selecting both the armature and the mesh gives me strange results.

Of course the mesh is parented to the armature. I’m using the very last version available on the site (not the nightly build) and it just works. I just tested and I can do both. Either scaling the mesh and the armature together or the armature alone. BUT, in all cases, I must not apply the scale to the armature or else the mesh get deformed in strange ways.