Could someone help me to finish this node setup for texture splatting?


I’ve tried to setup a node for texture splatting using a mask texture which is then divided into 3 channels (r,g,b) which define where each texture is placed.

Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work. I don’t know how I can assign the textures without blending them on top of each other.

Furthermore, if you take a look at the node setup, do you think it is possible to have 6 textures instead of 3 while using this or a similar method? I don’t want to use the vertex colors since they aren’t as precise as a mask.

The file is uploaded here:

Thank you in advance for your help!

Greetings André

here u go. It uses red, green, and blue to blend the textures.

I honestly would suggest a Fragshader.

wow, that’s great and some proper work! thanks a lot!!

Never heard of a fragshader, I will look it up, thanks for the advice as well :slight_smile:


unfortunately, when I tried to apply your node setup to my file it didn’t work again, although I did everything exactly as you did.
I checked every node about a hundred times, but I still don’t get the same results as in your file.
I really don’t know where the issue is coming from???

Furthermore I searched a bit about fragshader, but I don’t understand where this does apply in conjunction with texture splatting…

Here’s my file, which has exactly the same node setup as yours but gets a completely different result.

Hope you could help me out again, I am stuck on this again for too long…